An End-to-End Service Provider


Leios provides convenience at every step of transfer, condensing complex operations to the click of a button.


Leios is significantly faster than most conventional methods, completing transfers that used to take weeks in minutes.

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Regulatory Compliance

Leios works only with licensed partners, and will tailor its software to allow clients their choice of preferred services.

Remittance Optimization

Leios is the perfect solution for any bank or MSB to simply send money at the best rate for the lowest price.

Product Roadmap

April 2018:

Leios idea formed

Initial team created

Research begins

July 2018:

Website launches

Initial advisors onboarded

Gateway partnerships secured

August 2018:

Technical paper completed

Development team finalized

Blockchain research begins

October 2018:

Website upgraded

App mockups created

Prototype released

December 2018:

Prototype upgraded

Initial compliance review completed

Core team expanded

January 2018:

App developers onboarded

Software development begins

Staff Expanded

March 2019:

US Money Transmitter Partner Secured

White Paper Released

MVP Research Begins

June 2019:

MVP development kick-off

Gateway API integrations begin

UI/UX upgraded

September 2019:

MVP completed

Integration dev onboarded

API integrations begin

Q4 2019:

Demo with live transactions released

Seed Round opens

MVP upgrade to beta begins

Q1 2020:

Beta clients onboarded

Optimization algorithm development

Leios link beta launch

Q2 2020:

Revenue generation begins with beta

Non-blockchain gateways added

Compliance tool development kickoff

Q3 2020:

Second batch of customers onboarded

Compliance tool beta launch

Payroll beta application launch

Q4 2020:

Payroll application full launch

Compliance suite full launch

Blockchain gateways in 70+ countries

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