How it works

Leios is a U.S. blockchain-based remittance network that takes the complexity out of blockchain for its users. You only need to deal with your local currency when sending and receiving funds, and let the blockchain handle the transfer in the background.

Step 1

Download the Leios app and set up your account.

Step 2

Send cash to anyone in the world through the app.

Step 3

Redeem the cash in fiat through one of our fiat gateways around the world.

More than just sending money...


The Leios system provides convenience at every step of transfer, allowing even those who’ve never heard of blockchain to be able to participate, all within our app.

Privacy for All Cryptos

Using atomic swaps as a transfer medium, any cryptocurrency added to the Leios system can be conveniently accessed and have private transactions.

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The Leios system is magnitudes faster than conventional fund transfer methods, and can allow most users cashing out to fiat to receive their funds within the same day.

Leios Instapay

Thanks to the ability to access fiat instantly, Leios app users can make point of sales purchases from their phones.


Leios provides a much cheaper and faster method than all other options in the remittance service industry, an estimated annual $550 billion dollar market.

International Payroll

The Leios system can allow for large fund transfers, such as bulk orders or payment to employees or contractors anywhere in the world, quickly and with little cost.

Local Payments

The Leios app can be used to send funds quickly and with minimal fees to friends, family, and anyone else you know.

A Crypto-Gateway for All

Leios can ultimately provide a gateway into blockchain through stablecoins for those in the U.S., and allow them to send and receive cryptocurrencies with an interface friendly to the non-techie.


April 2018:

Leios idea formed

Initial team created

Research begins

July 2018:

Website launches

ICO advisory board secured

Gateway partnerships secured

August 2018:

Technical paper completed

Development team finalized

Blockchain research begins

October 2018:

Website upgraded

App mockups created

Prototype released

November 2018:

Marketing team onboarded

Remittance partnerships secured

Seed round begins

December 2018:

Marketing campaign launched

App developers onboarded

Prototype-to-MVP upgrade begins

February 2019:

Whitepaper publicly released

MVP completed

Leios ICO beings

March 2019:

Leios ICO concludesd

Leios staff expanded

Gateway API integrations begin

April 2019:

USDC, DAI, and BitUSD wallets integrated

Gateways integration expanded

API integration testing with gateway partners

May 2019:

Leios testnet released

Hackathon held for bug patching

Leios App released

June 2019:

Leios mainnet released

Unlocked ERC20 tokens swapped

Leios Chain - Leios App integration begins

July 2019:

Atomic swaps integrated

Leios System alpha completed

Canada – Philippines remittance corridor created

August 2019:

Further remittance corridors set up

Leios Payroll MVP released

Payroll partners secured

September 2019:

The Leios System fully functional for use

Remittance partner companies integrated

Leios transactions and staking become active

October 2019:

Payroll companies integrated

U.S. transmission sponsor integrated

U.S. remittance corridors become active


Additional stablecoins for other currencies integrated

U.S. transmitter licenses secured

Leios continues to open gateways across the world


Countries with Leios Gateway Partnerships already in place

  • 6 continets
  • 14 in place gateways
  • 15 upcoming gateways
  • Hover the continent
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