The Leios Experience

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing global fund transfers, but it comes with many roadblocks to mainstream acceptance: difficulty of purchase, price volatility, an unfamiliar wallet keys system, and lack of private transactions. Leios is a comprehensive solution to solve all of these problems in one, interconnected system.
Step 1
Download the Leios app and set up your account
Step 2
Send cash to anyone in the world through the app
Step 3
They redeem the cash in fiat through one of our fiat gateways.
The Leios system provides convenience at every step of transfer, allowing even those who’ve never heard of blockchain to be able to participate, all within our app.
The Leios system is much faster than conventional fund transfer methods, and can allow most users cashing out to fiat to receive their funds within the same day.
Leios Instapay
Thanks to the ability to access fiat instantly, Leios app users can make point of sales purchases from their phones.
Leios Instapay
Privacy for all Cryptos
Using atomic swaps as a transfer medium, any cryptocurrency added to the Leios system can be conveniently accessed and have private transactions.
Privacy for all Cryptos



Leios provides a much cheaper and faster method than all other options in the remittance service industry, an estimated annual $613 billion market in 2017 according to the World Bank

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June 2018:

Company formed

Leios System outlined

Development begins

July 2018:

Website launches

Gateway partnerships secured

Whitelisting begins

August 2018:

MVP completed

Whitepaper complete

Leios ICO begins

September 2018:

Leios ICO concludes

Further development staff hired

Gateway API integrations begin

October 2018:

DAI wallets integrated into the Leios System

Gateways expanded to 5 countries

API integration testing with gateway partners

November 2018:

Testnet for the Leios Chain released

Hackathon held for bug patching

Wallet creation concludes

December 2018:

Atomic swaps integrated

USD gateway integrated into the Leios app

Remittance marketing campaign launched

January 2019:

Mainnet for the Leios Chain released

Mainnet tokens distributed

Leios customer support staff hired

February 2019:

Remittance for U.S. to Philippines begins

Gateways expanded to 7 countries

Inter-gateway exchange begins

March 2019:

Multiple wallets integrated into the app

Bitcoin added to the Leios System

Leios Instapay select testing in the U.S.

April 2019:

Non-banked integration support begins

Additional cryptocurrencies integrated

Gateway expanded to 10 counties

May 2019:

Leios Instapay becomes U.S. available

24/7 phone support service provided

Non-bank gateways open globally


Additional stablecoins for other currencies integrated

Leios Instapay expanded to allow for global PoS

Leios continues to open gateways across the world

Fiat Gateways