How it works

Leios provides a sleek, intuitive dashboard that aggregates cross-border routes and orchestrates between them for the most optimal route. No one on your staff needs to understand the technologies in the back-end. You can rest assured Leios will always find the fastest and most affordable route possible for your locations.

Step 1

The institution sends customer funds through our services.

Step 2

Our back-end partners convert fiat into blockchain assets and back.

Step 3

The receiver has fiat deposited directly into their bank account within hours.

More than Just an Aggregator

Cross-Service Orchestration

Leios orchestrates between different services in order to create unique pathways to find the absolute best rates for your starting and ending locations.

Compliance Tools

Leios aids in regulatory compliance through its regtech tools, which automate record keeping, reporting, and disclosures.

Lightning Network for Enterprises

Leios is developing channels with its partners for Lightning Network transfers, making transactions instant and nearly free.

International Payroll

Leios is creating software to allow the same orchestration services to send and track payroll for international employees and contractors.


Leios can transfer from the U.S to any of these locations within hours if not minutes, typically under 2%

  • 6 continets
  • 14 in place gateways
  • 15 upcoming gateways
  • Hover the continent
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