How it works

Leios is a remittance software provider for enterprise clients. Our products take the complexity out of blockchain for remittance companies and banks. The blockchain and associated technologies remain in the background and are interfaced by an easy-to-use software that does not require the institution's employees and customers to do anything differently.

Step 1

The institution sends customer funds through our services.

Step 2

The backend converts fiat to Bitcoin and back, through our network of regulated gateways.

Step 3

The receiver has fiat deposited directly into their bank account or requested cash location.

An end-to end blockchain enterprise application...

Regulatory Compliance

Leios recognizes the need for not only being a compliant blockchain product, but also helping money services businesses with compliance in commonly difficult areas such as KYC and receipt issuance.


The Leios system provides convenience at every step of transfer, covering the technical use of blockchain with friendly and familiar interfaces.

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The Leios system is magnitudes faster than most conventional fund transfer methods, and can complete transfers that used to take up to a week in just minutes.

Remittance Optimization

Leios is primarily designed to provide the backend for remittance transactions by any remittance company or bank, thus facilitating the transfers of a $613 billion dollar market.

More than just sending money...

Remittance Orchestration

Leios will act as an orchestrator between different exit points and blockchain-based remittance methods, enabling existing remittance firms to move into the digital age without being limited to certain partners.

Compliance Tools

Along with facilitating transactions, Leios will also use blockchain technology to store and provide all necessary data and disclosures required by regulators in all countries of operation.

Lightning Network for Enterprises

Lightning Network provides the Leios system with instant, low-cost and private internal Bitcoin transactions through custom channels, allowing us to pass these advantages on to our clients.

International Payroll

Remittance is just the first step. The Leios System will also offer an application and backend services to facilitate international payroll, targeting both traditional and blockchain businesses.

A Crypto-Gateway for All

Leios will provide a gateway into the crypto space through Bitcoin and other coins/tokens, allowing users to send and receive cryptocurrencies through a Leios mobile application with an interface friendly to the non-techie.


April 2018:

Leios idea formed

Initial team created

Research begins

July 2018:

Website launches

Initial advisors onboarded

Gateway partnerships secured

August 2018:

Technical paper completed

Development team finalized

Blockchain research begins

October 2018:

Website upgraded

App mockups created

Prototype released

December 2018:

Prototype upgraded

Initial compliance review completed

Core team expanded

January 2018:

App developers onboarded

Software development begins

Staff Expanded

February 2019:

Seed round begins

White Paper released

STO details finalized

March 2019:

Seed round conclusion

MVP alpha release

Exit network signups

Q2 2019:

MVP beta release

First remittances sent through Leios

First customer integrations

Leios STO

Q3 2019:

MVP completed

Gateway test with Stellar/Ripple

Lightning Network alpha testing

Further gateway integrations and testing

Q4 2019:

Leios Payroll Alpha released

U.S. transmitter licenses applications begin

Stablecoin Integrated to allow holding of funds

Continue to open gateways across the world


Countries with Leios gateways already in place

  • 6 continets
  • 14 in place gateways
  • 15 upcoming gateways
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